A selection of recent feedback from clients.

“PSG and their in-dealership coaching team worked with our dealers to improve process consistency and the Customer Experience. Our Dealer performance has improved significantly as a direct result of the PSG effort.”
Director of Customer Experience

“PSG understands our dealerships, the processes, the operations and how to gain buy in and respect from the dealer and their frontline staff. Their coaches really have become an extension of our field team, leading to the results we’ve achieved to date.”
Director of Sales

“With PSG, we know we are working with a partner who is professional, who we can trust, and who will deliver exactly what was promised, and they do it in a way that always exceeds my expectations.”
Regional President

“PSG has taken our vision of a field university and made it happen. They worked with us to understand the development needs, identify the learning architecture, develop the curriculum and continue to deliver outstanding development sessions.”
General Manager, Customer Experience

“PSG Canada consistently delivers excellence in skills, process and leadership development for our dealers.”
Director of Service

“Rarely have I seen manufacturer training to be so effective or applicable to the real world.”
Dealership Manager